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woo funness...

so how bout that party... fun stuff.. i think everyone in here was either there or should have been there... oh there were some moments... there were some craazy moments alright..

anyone have homework over break? i think i have an english project... i hope nothing else, but i dont know, cuz i kinda didnt go to any classes today... (yay alternative beverage crap first block, and stage crew stuff the rest of the day...)

that teacher talent show... oh goshness... that was amusing... and... frightening..

... soo..... what did peoples ask for for christmas/whatever holidays peoples celebrate....? me wants a camera, decent headphones, and an industrial size bottle of advil to hold me over till i can get a job and by my own headache-go-away-ers. hehe.

dont ask about my lack of grammatical correctness, and excess of nonexisten words...

dont aska bout my lame topics here, just tryin to get some posting/conversation goin on here...

oh and by the way, FYI, i am not on crack. or anything else. i promise... (i'm exhausted and got hit in the head with a flying soda can, so that will explain my lack of making any sense at all...)
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