everyone deserves a little sunshine (redskywarning) wrote in in_hell,
everyone deserves a little sunshine

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welcome fellow captives!

this is the land of those who cannot escape
those who are trapped in torment
will most likely go to west chester
get a degree in education
come back to teach here

but we refuse to succumb
we will be free...

in the meantime, we have formed this community to share the pain, and laugh at how stupid this town is!

hello there, i am sealie, the maintainer of this community. in the odd chance that someone who actually likes springfield discovers this community, for my own safety, i will remain known here only as sealie. if you care to know my real name, email me and if i can trust you i can tell you. haha. any questions comments or suggestions, do let me know, and feel free to invite the other captives of SHS to join us here!
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